A Marathon

A Marathon

Traverse City Run Co. has been around for nearly a year now (!), although it's been a rather quiet year. I knew from the start that I wanted to grow Traverse City Run Co. slowly and organically, but this year's growth was a little less than I had planned. I'm OK with that.  

We were going full steam ahead back in March and April, and then things kinda quieted down a bit.  Why?  In April, I accepted the race director position for a brand new race, IRONMAN 70.3 Oregon, which was slated for July.  This meant we had just four months to plan the event - an extremely short timeframe for this type of event.  

From April through July I was working, head-down, every day, to pull everything together for the race, and we had a fantastically successful race in Salem, Oregon on July 25. 

I caught my breath for a few days, and put my head back down to finalize plans for another brand new event for which I serve as race director - IRONMAN 70.3 Michigan, which happened on September 12.

A few breaths later, and here we are, with leaves mostly gone from the trees, and snow already falling in Northern Michigan. Dang.

All is good, and this marathon-of-a-journey continues here at Traverse City Run Co.  Look for a few more items to roll out over time, and reach out if you ever want. 


- Joel