Content Ambasadors

Traverse City Run Co. Content Ambassador Badge

Our crew of content ambasadors help create inspiring content and share the story of Traverse City Run Co. Our content ambasadors come in various forms, from folks that are great with visual/written storytelling, to folks that have expertise that is useful to the Traverse City Run Co. community, to runners that have a unique experience to share.

Our content ambasadors bring energy to Traverse City Run Co. and have a true love of running. They get insider benefits such special running meetups, free gear, and the chance to help inspire the Traverse City Run Co. community.

We encourage folks of all abilities and experience levels to apply. If you're interested in joining our content ambasador team drop us a note at and share with us a little bit about yourself and your desire to be an ambassador. Bonus points for including links to your social media accounts, and if relevent, a sample or two of some work you've done related to your expertise.